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Mortgage Underwater? How To Sell Your East Bay or Walnut Creek Home

Do you owe more on your mortgage than the amount you could get from selling your home? If so and you need to sell to avoid foreclosure or to relocate for your career, a short sale may be the answer. A short sale is a home sale whose proceeds fall short of the amount owed on the mortgage.

To be successful, you need a listing agent with plenty of short sale experience. And the Robert Lilley Real Estate Brokerage has a specialized team with the short sale experience and expertise to help you. With the assistance of our short sale specialist who handles the complex bank negotiations, we've closed many short sales successfully.

Best of all, our specialized short sale service costs you nothing extra. Usually, though, time is of the essence when it comes to a short sale and saving a home from foreclosure. So call me directly at 925.932.0220 or email our customer support center. I will meet with you at your convenience to discuss your options and how we can help.

The Simple Truth About Selling Your Home In Today's Market

In the last couple of years, many homeowners have come to me and said they think it's time to sell their house. And I ask why. The typical answer I get is that their home has declined in value and they're afraid it will decline even more.

Homeowners tend to see a decline in their home's value as money lost. But this is not true. Unless they must sell, it's merely a loss on paper, not a real loss. Of course, people are going to do what they want. But many times I don't hear a compelling reason to sell and I advise them to stay put.

Unless you must sell, it simply makes no sense in today's buyer's market to turn a paper loss into a real money loss by selling ... and then, renting down the street.

If you're thinking of selling your East Bay or Walnut Creek home or condo, call me at 925.932.0220 or email me. I'll help you put things into perspective so you can make the best decision for your situation. And rest assured I won't be off on a cruise when you call but will be available to take your call, call you right back or reply to your email promptly.

So, You Really Do Want To Sell

What next? Call me and let's meet. The first thing I do is set realistic expectations about how much your home is worth and how long it will take to sell it. Then, I get to work.

But first another simple truth...

No real estate agent in the country can tell you the one thing it will take to sell your home. So, a good listing agent does them all — and I do. Among other things, that's how I earn my commission. Here's just a portion of my worldwide marketing plan for your home:
Hold open houses – not necessarily once a week, but open houses are important, especially the ones for agents and brokers.

Advertise – and yes, this includes the newspaper, which few agents still do. It's hard to believe, but not everybody is on the Internet. And a lot of people who attend open houses want to know the hours homes are open, so they look in the newspaper. Newspaper ads don't sell homes, per se. But they can and do get people out to see them.

Network with other Realtors® – as your listing agent, my good standing in the real estate community is vital to your home sale. And one of the most important things I bring to the sale is my reputation as an agent who is congenial to work with, responds promptly to emails and phone calls, meets deadlines and does not put my share of the work off on the other agent. My professional reputation determines whether other agents will be willing to show my listings to their ready buyers.

Network with people in the community and with the people I know – selling your home takes more than putting a sign in your yard. I get out there and talk to people and promote your home every way I can, because no one knows the one thing that might work. And word of mouth plays a big role in selling homes.

Have a strong Internet presence, after all that's how you found me! – the best way to sell your home is to expose it to as many people possible in the shortest amount of time. And latest reports show nearly all homebuyers (94%) begin their real estate search on the Internet. This is especially true for the East Bay market where people from throughout the world relocate to pursue career, education or lifestyle changes. Only the Internet has the power to reach across countries and continents to these faraway buyers searching for East Bay homes for sale.

And there's more...

Ask me about a custom Web site dedicated solely to your home. Also, a high-tech electronic brochure is professionally produced and distributed locally and nationwide to take potential buyers on a virtual guided tour of your home. Best of all, buyers can take this tour from the comfort of their favorite easy chair!

When you have Bob Lilley as your listing agent, you get my entire marketing plan that's proven to expose homes to buyers and investors across town and across the globe. So why wait? If selling your East Bay or Walnut Creek home or condo is right for you, call me at 925.932.0220 or email me. Rest assured I won't be off skiing the slopes but will be available to take your call, call you right back or reply to your email promptly.

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