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How Is The Robert Lilley Real Estate Brokerage Different From All The Others?

The Contra Costa Association of Realtors® has 3,000 members, which represents only a portion of the San Francisco Oakland Bay Area. So area homebuyers, investors and home sellers have many options when choosing a real estate professional to help them buy or sell a home.

If you're thinking of buying or selling real estate, it's important to know that not all real estate brokerages or agents are alike. In fact, if you know what to look for, you'll find vast differences in the levels of experience, knowledge and expertise available to you in the East Bay. And unfortunately you will find vast differences in the levels of honesty, integrity and business ethics practiced at the various brokerages by the different agents.

East Bay homeTo help you become better acquainted with the Robert Lilley Real Estate Brokerage — and me, Bob Lilley, its broker-owner — here's a partial list of what we stand for and the ways we differ from all the rest...

Service Providers: oftentimes in this business, the real estate agent is seen as the star of the show or the one who does everything that's important ... and the real estate service providers are seen as underlings. But at the Robert Lilley Real Estate Brokerage, we view this as one of the big inequities of the real estate industry, and we take a different stand.

Title Company: the title company is important because it makes sure all the right documents are in place to convey a home's title free and clear from the seller to the buyer. There's certainly no shortage of title companies in the Bay Area. And we choose ours based on the company's performance as it relates to our client.

Home Inspector: the home inspector can give our client a through idea of the home she's buying, thus inspiring the confidence to move forward with the purchase or the confidence to back out. Many agents choose a home inspector who is known for preserving deals by telling the buyer how great the house is. This inspector can do a lot of damage by leading our client down the wrong path. Find out more about the Robert Lilley Real Estate Brokerage difference...So, to avoid the possibility, we choose a home inspector who is known for giving honest estimates and who will tell our buyer everything she needs to know about the house to make a good decision.

At the Robert Lilley Real Estate Brokerage, we choose our home inspectors and our title company very carefully and consider them important members of our team.

Transaction Fees: a lot of listing agents today charge sellers a "transaction fee" in addition to the amount sellers already pay in commission. A transaction fee can be a hefty sum and often goes to a "transaction coordinator," who is a separate entity. The transaction coordinator makes sure sellers properly sign and date all necessary papers. Next, the coordinator gets the documents into title, where the title company takes over.

At the Robert Lilley Real Estate Brokerage, we're dead set against charging transaction fees. It's fine for an agent or brokerage to have a transaction coordinator to perform certain tasks, and many do. But to charge the seller an additional feeEast Bay home for something that is the listing agent's responsibility and that the agent is already being paid to do, is an outrage.

Preserving Deals: when you choose Bob Lilley as the real estate professional to help you buy or sell a home, you get a Realtor® who stays in the mix of your real estate transaction before, during and after it closes. If needed, I can put you in touch with a mortgage company that can (a) get the job done and (b) be fair about their lender costs. I also look over those costs, and if I see a charge I've never seen before, I call the lender and inquire.

But most important, I don't try to preserve deals. I continually talk with my buyers, asking are we still good with this? Are you happy with this? Do you like the way this is proceeding? I ask these questions because if you're displeased in any way with the house or transaction, I want you to have every opportunity to express it before the close of escrow. And if you tell me you need to back out of the transaction, that's what we do.

One Last Point: I'm friendly and an easy guy to be around. I want your real estate transaction to be an enjoyable, stress-free experience. We might even have some fun, but...

When you're my client, I'm not afraid to tell you the truth ... no matter what the truth may be.

So, if you're thinking of buying, selling or investing in Bay Area real estate, call me directly at 925.932.0220 or email me. Rest assured I won't be off on a mountaintop somewhere but will be available to take your call, call you right back or reply to your email promptly.

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