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San Leandro

Gateway to a proud city, San Leandro makes it known that it is proud of its community and its well kept homes.

San Leandro is an East Bay Area city of approximately 85,000 people. It is located in Alameda County near Oakland California.

It stretches from the San Francisco Bay to the San Leandro Hills, and this affords a wide range of home price, style and size options.

San Leandro Homes For Sale – in a Charming East Bay City!

Perhaps because of the central East Bay location and the wide array of health care options, San Leandro tends to be a city of long time residents. Lately, however, these elderly citizens are being replaced by young families seeking the many employment opportunities and the strong sense of community and family friendly living.

San Leandro benefits from major freeways nearby and an active East Bay public transportation system. This makes is a rather low cost alternative to living in San Francisco, which is just a short drive away over the Oakland Bay Bridge.

San Leandro has maintained a strong sense of community pride – not easy in this day of the on-the-go lifestyle and transitory growth patterns.

It has somehow managed to avoid much of the urban sprawl and suburban blight found in other areas to keep its priorities on living and working within its well-integrated residential and business communities.

San Leandro home

Not all San Leandro homes are as adorable as this one, but most are well kept and well tended by their house proud owners

Although the San Leandro Unified School District is the major employer in the city, San Leandro is also home to an active food service and processing industry.

In addition, JanSport and The North Face clothing and outdoor gear companies have corporate offices here.

Public school students attend schools in either the San Leandro Unified School District or the San Lorenzo Unified School District.

San Leandro neighborhoods include the more expensive areas of


Estudillo Estates

Heron Bay

The moderately priced neighborhoods of

Sheffield Village

Upper Bal

Washington Manor

Marina Faire

Mullford Gardens

Farrelly Pond District

Floresta Gardens

And the more affordable areas of

Assumption Parish

Broadmoor District

Davis Tract

Laqua Manor

Lower Bal Real

Old San Leandro

San Leandro makes good use of its San Francisco Bay frontage with the San Leandro Marina, which not only caters to the needs of boat owners and sailors, but features large landscaped picnic areas and walking trails connecting it to the San Leandro Shoreline Recreation Area.

No matter what brings you to this quiet East Bay suburb of Oakland and San Francisco, we are sure you will find a San Leandro home for sale that you will want to call your own!

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