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Piedmont homes are often large estates with well manicured lawns — and are served by the best schools in an education-minded community environment

Piedmont is a city of almost 11,000 people in the Oakland Hills above Oakland. Although it is a small community, its high real estate values make it a very exclusive one. Piedmont is known for its excellent schools and maintains its own police and fire departments.

Piedmont has limited commercial business and consists of almost entirely residential homes, making the ultimate suburb! A small portion is devoted to commercial business along Grand Avenue and Piedmont has easy access and close proximity to the shops and restaurants of its larger neighbor Oakland.

Almost from its beginning as a city at the turn of the last century, Piedmont has been known for its well heeled residents and large, expensive homes. Homes above Highland Avenue are generally large and very expensive with large expanses of lawn and well-maintained grounds.

Piedmont homes for sale are often large estates will well manicured lawns - and are served by the best schools in an education minded community environment As you travel closer to Oakland, the lot sizes become smaller but the homes are still in the upper price ranges for the Oakland area.

Although Piedmont traces its roots as a home for the rich and powerful back for over a hundred years, it has not rested on its laurels.

Recently, residents allocated funds for the improvement of schools and their facilities, including playing fields. They have also voted to increase their funding for local schools to make up for state budget cuts.

Piedmont has its own school district – The Piedmont Unified School District, which operates three elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school.They are:

  • Beach Elementary School
  • Wildwood Elementary School
  • Havens Elementary School
  • Piedmont Middle School
  • Piedmont High School

Piedmont Unified also operates a second high school, the Millennium High School, an alternative education high school.

Piedmont has been the home of Jack London, former defense secretary under John F. Kennedy Robert McNamara, and actor Clint Eastwood. It has also counted Charles Schwab and Dean Witter as its residents.

Although it is less than 2 square miles in size, Piedmont has several city parks and children’s playgrounds and picnic facilities.

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