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Emeryville homes are often condos and loft style homes well integrated into a pedestrian friendly shopping, dining, and entertainment environment, just across the Bay from San Francisco.

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Emeryville homes are located in the small city of Emeryville, situated in Alameda County between Berkeley and Oakland.

Just across the Bay from San Francisco over the Oakland Bay Bridge and next door to Oakland at the junction of two major freeways make it a perfect place for development. Today, Emeryville is a well-planned, well-established home for modern industries and commuters seeking new homes and easy access to the rest of the Bay Area.

Today, Emeryville is home to over 10,000 residents and companies such as Pixar, Jamba Juice, Maxis Software, Sendmail, MobiTV, Novartis, and Bayer Laboratories.

Emeryville was also home to the famous “mudflats” – an impromptu public art project where local flotsam and driftwood was used to create extravagant and sometimes comical “works of art” by local residents. It entertained and delighted commuters on Interstate Highway 80 as much as it infuriated some local residents with its unauthorized display.

Eventually, the area was cleaned up and returned to a more natural surrounding and habitat for local wildlife.

By the early 2000’s, large shopping centers had opened featuring well-known retailers such as IKEA and Home Depot.

A mixed use (residential and retail) project called Bay Street Emeryville features high end stores such as Coach and Apple Store alongside Banana Republic and The GAP.

A multi-screen theatre and popular eateries are also nearby.

A local townhouse development, Bay Street One takes provides living units just a short stroll to these major stores and sources of entertainment.

Looking forward, Emeryville continues to be the site of new development, much of it incorporating a similar mix of commercial, entertainment, and residential housing.

Large shopping centers are intermixed with residential units – usually condo complexes and loft style homes – and some scheduled developments include an educational center incorporating an elementary school, secondary school, and day care center with a community center, multi-use sports field, and a community theatre.

Emeryville neighborhoods include Gaskill, Clawson, Golden Gate, Longfellow, Hoover, Paradise Park, and Santa Fe.

Whichever neighborhood you decide to explore, if you are looking for a modern convenience and lifestyle with up-to-the-minute amenities you will find a lot to see among these Emeryville Homes for sale!

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